A Step-by-Step Guide to Studying in Australia After 12th Science

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Studying in Australia after completing 12th science opens up a world of opportunities for Indian students. With its renowned universities, excellent research facilities, and diverse academic programs, Australia has become a sought-after destination for higher education. However, navigating the process can be overwhelming without proper guidance. This comprehensive guide will provide step-by-step information on how to study in Australia after 12th science. From selecting the right course and university to understanding the application process, English language requirements, visa procedures, and financial considerations, this article aims to equip Indian students with the knowledge they need to pursue their educational aspirations in Australia. With the assistance of the best overseas education consultants in India, students can make informed decisions and have a smooth transition to studying in Australia.

Choosing the Right Course and University

The first step in studying in Australia after 12th science is selecting the right course and university. Australian universities offer a wide range of programs in various scientific disciplines such as engineering, medicine, computer science, biotechnology, environmental sciences, and more. It is crucial to research and identify the courses that align with your interests, career goals, and academic strengths. Consider factors such as curriculum, faculty reputation, research opportunities, campus facilities, and industry connections.
To make an informed decision, seek assistance from the best overseas education consultants in India. These consultants have up-to-date information on Australian universities, course offerings, and can provide guidance based on your specific requirements. They can help you understand the academic requirements, program structure, and career prospects associated with different courses, enabling you to make a well-informed choice.

Meeting Admission Requirements

Once you have chosen the course and university, it is crucial to understand and meet the admission requirements. Australian universities typically have specific criteria for admission, which may include academic qualifications, English language proficiency, and entrance exams.

1. Academic Qualifications:

As a 12th science student, ensure that you have completed the necessary prerequisite subjects required for your chosen course. Some programs may require specific subjects such as physics, chemistry, or mathematics at the 12th level.

2. English Language Proficiency:

Most Australian universities require international students to demonstrate their English language proficiency through standardised tests such as IELTS, TOEFL, or PTE. Check the specific score requirements set by your chosen university and prepare accordingly. If you need assistance with English language preparation, consider enrolling in language proficiency courses or seeking guidance from education consultants who can recommend suitable resources.

3. Entrance Exams:

Some courses, particularly in the field of medicine, may require additional entrance exams such as the UCAT or GAMSAT. It is important to research and understand if your chosen program has any specific entrance exam requirements and prepare accordingly.

Application Process

The application process for study in Australia for Indian students involves a series of steps that require careful attention and organisation.
Below is a summary of the normal application procedure:

1. Deadlines for Research Applications:

The deadlines for applying to different universities vary.
It is crucial to research and note down the application submission deadlines for your chosen programs. Start the application process well in advance to ensure you have sufficient time to gather the required documents.

2. Submit Online Application:

Most Australian universities have online application portals where you can create an account and submit your application. Provide accurate and complete information on the application form, including all required fields.

3. Prepare Supporting Documents:

Prepare the required supporting documents, which may include academic transcripts, mark sheets, letters of recommendation, statement of purpose, resume, and identification documents. Ensure that all documents are properly attested and translated (if required).

4. Pay Application Fees:

There is usually an application fee associated with submitting your application. Visit the university’s website to find out the precise cost and available payment options. Ensure that you pay the fee within the given deadline to avoid any delays in processing your application.

5. English Language Proficiency Test Scores:

Submit your English language proficiency test scores, such as IELTS, TOEFL, or PTE, as required by the university. Make sure your scores meet the minimum requirements set by the university.

6. Track Application Status:

After submitting your application, keep a record of your application reference number and login details. Use these to track the progress of your application online. Some universities may also send email notifications regarding the status of your application.

Visa Procedures

Once you have received an offer of admission from an Australian university, the next step is to apply for a student visa. The student visa process can be complex, and it is important to understand the requirements and follow the necessary steps. Here’s an overview of the visa procedures:

1. Gather Required Documents:

Collect the necessary documents for your visa application, including your offer letter, Confirmation of Enrollment (CoE), proof of financial capacity, health insurance, English language proficiency test results, and other supporting documents as required.

2. Apply for a Student Visa:

Submit your visa application online through the Department of Home Affairs website. Pay the visa application fee and provide all the required information accurately. Additionally, you might need to get a police clearance certificate and go through a medical examination.

Financial Considerations

Studying in Australia involves financial commitments, and it is important to plan your finances accordingly. Consider the following expenses:

1. Tuition Fees:

Australian universities charge international students tuition fees, which vary depending on the course and institution. Make sure you have the money to pay the tuition for the programme you have chosen by researching the costs. Additionally, explore scholarship opportunities to reduce the financial burden.

2. Living Expenses:

Australia has a higher cost of living compared to some other countries. Consider expenses such as accommodation, transportation, food, utilities, and personal expenses. Create a budget and explore options for affordable accommodation, such as university-managed accommodation or shared rentals.

3. Health Insurance:

International students in Australia are required to have Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) for the duration of their stay. Research different insurance providers and obtain the necessary health insurance coverage.

4. Part-time Work Opportunities:

Australian student visas allow international students to work part-time while studying. Explore opportunities for part-time work to supplement your finances. However, ensure that you balance work and academics effectively to maintain your academic performance.

5. Scholarships and Financial Aid:

Research scholarships and financial aid options available for international students in Australia. Many universities offer merit-based scholarships, grants, and bursaries. Consult with education consultants to identify suitable scholarship opportunities and prepare strong applications.


Studying in Australia after 12th science can be a transformative experience for Indian students. By following the steps outlined in this comprehensive guide and seeking guidance from the best overseas education consultants in India, you can navigate the process effectively. From choosing the right course and university to meeting admission requirements, completing the application process, understanding visa procedures, and planning your finances, thorough preparation is key. With determination, proper guidance, and a well-planned approach, you can embark on a successful educational journey in Australia, broadening your horizons and opening doors to exciting career opportunities.

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