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Become a teaching instructor Explanation job of driving school

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I want to become a driving school teacher.

Please tell me what kind of job a training instructor does.

This time, a current driving instructor will explain the advantages and disadvantages of the job of a automatic driving lessons school teacher.

What should I do to become a teaching instructor?

Current instructor explains

A current driving instructor explained how to become an instructor at a driving school. What is the content of the training instructor exam? What kind of person is suitable as a training instructor? We will also answer any questions you may have.

[Explanation by a current instructor] Who is suitable for becoming a training instructor?

For those who want to become a teaching instructor. In this article, we will explain what kind of people are suitable for becoming instructors. Please note the required qualifications and age requirements.

You don’t need any academic background or experience to become a automatic driving instructors near me school teacher, and the qualifications are not that strong, so if you’re interested, give it a try.

This time, the author, who has been a teaching instructor for 15 years, writes about the good and bad points of the job of a teaching instructor. This is a must-read article for anyone looking to become an instructor.

About the job of a teaching instructor

First of all, no matter where you join a driving school across the country, the first qualification you will receive is, in most cases, a driving instructor qualification with a regular driver’s license.

Driving instructor

skill examiner

By the way, when you think of a driving school teacher, you probably think of them teaching from the passenger seat or grading driving tests.

However, the grading of exams cannot be done by instructors; they must also be certified as a skill examiner.

Additionally, once you are qualified as a driving instructor, you will not be able to instruct all vehicle types; if you are a medium-sized vehicle, you will need to obtain a medium-sized vehicle instructor qualification, and if you are a large-sized vehicle, you will need to obtain a large-sized vehicle instructor qualification.

Of course, our main business is training, but we also have many other jobs such as training for the elderly, beginners, canceled employees, corporate training, etc.

Basically, each job at a driving school requires qualifications, so you must take tests and training to obtain qualifications each time.

By the way, the qualifications I have related to the driving school are as follows.

  • Regular car training instructor
  • Semi-medium training instructor
  • Medium-sized training instructor
  • Large training instructor
  • Towing training instructor
  • Special training instructor
  • Ordinary class 2 training instructor
  • Large class 2 training instructor
  • Regular motorcycle training instructor
  • Large motorcycle training instructor
  • Regular car skill examiner
  • Semi-medium skill examiner
  • Medium skill examiner
  • Large skill examiner
  • Towing skill examiner
  • Ordinary Class 2 Skill Examiner
  • Large class 2 skill examiner
  • Ordinary motorcycle skill examiner
  • Large motorcycle skill examiner
  • Driving aptitude test instructor
  • Cognitive function tester
  • Driving proficiency instructor
  • Elderly person training instructor
  • First aid treatment instructor with first class license
  • First aid treatment instructor for second class license
  • industrial counselor
  • Operation manager (freight)
  • Dangerous goods handler class 4
  • First class counselor
  • First class lecturer

What is this qualification necessary for?

There are qualifications such as these, but I will not go into detailed explanations of each qualification in this article, but I would like to give you a general idea of the various qualifications that driving school instructors must obtain.

In my case, it took me 15 years to obtain these qualifications, but depending on the driving school you work at, you may be able to obtain them all in less than 5 to 10 years.

Therefore, before you join the company, you should know what types of cars and services the driving school you are thinking of working for handles.

This depends on the driving school you work at, so not all driving schools, but basically you have to do a lot of work.

Even after joining a automatic car instructor school, there is a lot of training and exams waiting for you in order to obtain qualifications.

Even if you become an instructor, you will continue to study hard every day.

Disadvantages of teaching instructors

Training and exams to obtain qualifications are difficult.

  • Driving becomes less fun
  • Working with people is stressful
  • There is a huge difference between the busy season and the off-season.
  • Let’s dig into each one one by one.

Training and exams to obtain qualifications are difficult.

As mentioned above, training instructors have to acquire more qualifications than they expected, which is quite difficult.

It would be nice if I could focus on getting my qualification, but in my case, when my wife had a baby and I was getting my regular car skills tester qualification, every day was very difficult.

I had to take care of my wife’s health, and I had to find time to study, so looking back on it now, I had a lot of free time.

In any case, we live in a world where qualifications matter, so this can be a big disadvantage for people who find automatic driving lessons in Coventry and study difficult.

However, for those who enjoy studying these things, it can be of great benefit.


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