Does laser really remove hair permanently?

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Laser hair removal is a popular method for getting rid of unwanted body and facial hair. It uses highly concentrated beams of light to target and damage the hair follicle, which impairs its ability to grow hair. But does laser therapy remove hair permanently?

How Laser Hair Removal Works?

Laser machines used for hair removal emit wavelengths of light that are specifically absorbed by the pigment in hair follicles. The most common lasers used are ruby lasers or those with alexandrite crystals that emit light at a red spectrum band. The light energy turns into heat when absorbed by dark matter like hair. This builds up and damages the follicle enough to stunt hair regrowth.

Lasers work best for those with light skin and dark coarse hair. The color contrast allows the lasers to selectively target dark hair without damaging the surrounding skin. Therefore, laser hair removal offers results that can vary greatly depending on hair color and skin tone.

Results From Treatments

Most patients require between 2-10 laser therapy sessions to achieve up to 90% permanent hair reduction. The number of treatments depends on hair thickness, the area being targeted, hair growth cycles, hormone levels, and age.

Since not all hairs grow at the same rate, it takes time to move through the cycles and target follicles when they are most receptive to treatment. Darker and coarser hairs tend to respond better to minimize regrowth after treatments stop.

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Laser hair removal works by selectively targeting hairs in the active growth phase. At any given time, only 10-20% of hair follicles are productive. The remaining follicles lay dormant until triggered later. This is why multiple treatments spaced 3-4 weeks apart best ensure most hair follicles are impaired through the growth cycle. The degree of long-term reduction from baseline hair growth varies from 60-90% based on factors like hair color, location on the body, hormone changes, and genetics.

Regrowth After Treatments Stop

While very fine and light hairs may no longer regrow after laser therapy, it’s rare to achieve complete 100% permanent hair loss after final treatments. Nearly all patients experience some degree of temporary regrowth and gradual hair loss thereafter.

In a large review study, patients received on average 12 monthly laser treatments for hair removal. Tracking the patients up to 2 years after treatments stopped found an average 59-79% decrease from baseline hair counts depending on body site.

Underarms tended to have a more permanent loss at a 65% reduction from before starting. Lower legs had slightly more regrowth with averages closer to 60% permanent reduction long-term.

What Causes Hair To Grow Back?

There are reasons why laser hair removal can’t permanently destroy all hair follicles or prevent eventual hair regrowth after treatments stop. These include:

  • Hair growth cycles – When some follicles are dormant during treatment sessions, they survive to produce hair later.
  • Hormonal stimuli – Changes in androgen hormones can trigger hair regrowth years later even in treated follicles.
  • Inadequate laser intensity – Less powerful home lasers may stun the follicle enough to impair function rather than fully destroy tissue.
  • Partial follicle survival – Destroying the entire hair bulb and stem cells is needed for permanent loss. Lasers may only damage the upper follicle.
  • Genetic factors – Those genetically predisposed to excessive hair growth tend to regrow more after removal sessions stop.

In rare cases, a serious side effect called paradoxical hypertrichosis has caused excessive hair growth after laser exposure. This risk seems to be limited mainly to dark facial hair with light skin being treated with intense pulsed light rather than true lasers.

Does Laser Work For Permanent Reduction?

The term “permanent hair reduction” is used for laser therapy because while it can’t prevent all regrowth long-term, it should significantly reduce total body and facial hair counts indefinitely. As long as patients adjust their expectations, laser remains one of the most effective ways to minimize hair.

Most patients enjoy prolonged smooth skin for years when finishing treatments. However, maintenance sessions every year, or as needed based on patient preference, help manage any regrowth.

For those with dark, coarse facial and body hair, achieving 60-90% permanent reduction with less frequent shaving or waxing sessions may still be well worth the investment in laser therapy. Just know it usually takes many treatments over a year to reap the best rewards of diminished hair regrowth lasting years.

Conclusion: In summary, laser hair removal should not be expected to permanently destroy all hair follicles treated. The degree of long-term reduction from baseline hair growth varies from 60-90% based on factors like hair color, location on the body, hormone changes, and genetics.

While laser treatments often require many repeated exposures over months, most patients enjoy years of diminished hair regrowth following the end of the process before considering maintenance sessions. So permanent hair “reduction” rather than removal may be a better description of the long-lasting smooth skin results.

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