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How to Get Rid of Hair Loss?

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Alopecia, or hair loss, can be temporary or permanent and can affect just your scalp or the entirety of your body. It could be brought on by hereditary factors, hormonal changes, illnesses, or a natural aspect of aging. While anyone can lose hair on their head, men are more likely to do so.

Baldness often refers to a significant loss of scalp hair. The most frequent cause of baldness is hereditary hair loss as people age. Some people would rather let their hair loss progress naturally without treatment or camouflage. Some may disguise it with hats, scarves, makeup, or hairstyles. Others decide to use one of the treatments on offer to stop additional hair loss or encourage growth. 

Causes of Hair Loss

Losing hair is natural. Between 50 and 100 hairs can fall out per day, frequently undetected. While hair loss is typically nothing to be concerned about, it can occasionally be a symptom of a medical condition. The underlying cause of hair loss will determine whether hair loss is temporary or permanent.

  • Hereditary Factors: Hair loss caused by aging and male- or female-pattern baldness is most frequently a hereditary condition that runs in the family. It manifests in predictable ways and is characterized by thinning hair on the scalp crown in women and a receding hairline in men.
  • Stress and Hair Loss: Events that are traumatic, emotional, or stressful might cause temporary hair loss.
  • Hormonal Changes: Hair loss can also be caused by a hormonal imbalance in the body. Hair loss can be brought on by an excess of androgens, which are generated by both men and women. Women may have hair loss due to hormonal changes brought on by menopause, pregnancy, delivery, and the use of contraception.
  • Medication: Excessive usage of several medications might also result in hair loss. Hair loss is a side effect of drugs used to treat disorders like cancer, high blood pressure, depression, arthritis, and heart disease.
  • Autoimmune illnesses: Alopecia areata, a kind of hair loss, is frequently brought on by autoimmune illnesses, in which the immune system becomes overactive and begins negatively damaging hair follicles.
  • Medical Conditions: Many illnesses and medical disorders, including diabetes, lupus, thyroid, and anemia, among others can lead to hair loss. In such circumstances, hair loss is transient and returns once the required care has been performed, unless the underlying ailment results in scarring.
  • Diet: An unbalanced, low-protein diet can also result in transient hair loss.
  • Vitamin Deficiencies: Vitamin B12, iron, folate, zinc, and/or calcium deficiencies may cause hair loss. 

Treatments of Hair Loss

Treatments for hair loss are available that can stop both temporary and permanent hair loss. 


A doctor will prescribe drugs to treat the underlying disease if the hair loss is brought on by a medical condition. Your doctor will take you off the medication if they determine that it is the cause of your hair loss and may recommend an alternative. Some medications that may be prescribed to treat male and female pattern baldness, including Minoxidil, Spironolactone, Finasteride, and dental dutasteride among others.  

Hair Transplantation

Individuals who have permanent hair loss can also choose a restorative hair transplant procedure in which hair is transplanted from another area of the scalp to a bald patch or place.

Laser Therapy

Both men and women with hereditary hair loss can benefit from laser therapy.


An increasingly popular hair loss treatment, mesotherapy, encourages hair growth and stops hair thinning. The process tries to provide the scalp with essential nutrients, including vitamins, hormones, proteins, and enzymes. Mesotherapy for hair loss also boosts blood circulation where it is being applied. These components all provide the hair follicle with nutrition, causing the hair to grow faster and thicker and preventing hair loss and thinning. This technique has proven to be quite efficient at halting male-pattern baldness and reducing hair loss.

What happens during a mesotherapy procedure?  

A mesotherapy process, also known as a meso-hair treatment, is a non-invasive and gentle procedure. A combination of hormones, enzymes, vitamins, and proteins are injected into the scalp using micro needles, tiny needles with a very small girth.

Step 1: Anesthetic cream is administered to the treatment area prior to starting the process. The duration of this is about 40 minutes. This step is crucial to reducing any discomfort or pain that our patients may experience during the operation.

Step 2: After removing the anesthetic cream, the nutrient-rich solution is injected into the middle layer of the skin using micro needles. This mixture acts to stimulate the growth of new hair follicles while also nourishing the existing hair follicles.

Step 3: The length of a chemotherapy process might range from 30 to 60 minutes, depending on the area being treated. To get the best outcomes possible, many sessions are advised. After the procedure, you can resume your daily activities with little to no downtime.

Preventing Hair Loss

Prevention is key. To prevent hair loss, consider the following:

  • Wear your hair loosely. 
  • Avoid combing and twisting your hair.
  • Increase protein and iron intake. 
  • Reduce the usage of hair styling tools. 
  • Shield your hair from the sun.
  • Use medical hair loss shampoos. 
  • Keep your vitamin and nutrient levels in-check. 

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