Introduce DIY Escape Room Kits That Can Be Enjoyed at Home 

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Escape room games have taken over the world by storm, to a degree that everyone wants to experience it at least once. An escape room can be an avenue to communicate and collaborate with others, learning new skills together and having fun all at the same time. Everyone who tries it will probably want others to try it too. This can be done by taking everyone to the nearest escape room in the area or bringing the experience home. Some prefer the experience at an actual escape room brand, while others might want to experience it at home once-in-a-while. Here are 5 DIY escape room kits that can be enjoyed at home. 


  1. DIY a Haunted House  


Here is one of the classics of the escape room genre: the Haunted House. It is one of the most popular DIY escape room kits that can be enjoyed at home. The Haunted Mansion is also the easiest one to pull off as all items needed can be found among common household utilities. Every household has old junk that is of no use anymore and has been collecting dust at the back of the house. All of this can be applied to the haunted house concept. Whether it is a rusty padlock or grandma’s old candelabras, it can all be utilized to elevate the spooky atmosphere and make creating this escape room experience cheaper. This concept is quick to apply and easy to remove. 


  1. Prison Breakout at Home 

Another one of the many DIY escape room kits that can be enjoyed at home is the Prison Break experience. While a little more complicated than the haunted mansion, a Prison Breakout can be a great way to utilize old stuff to create a suspenseful escape room experience. After all, a prison is never a vacation space. This concept is very common among professional escape room brands, mostly because the entire set up is simpler to make than any over-complicated theme. It can be similarly utilized for crafting the perfect home entertainment experience for cheap. Do-it-yourself escape room concepts can be extremely difficult if one aims too high. The concept of prison breakout is much easier to apply than any high-concept idea. Since this concept is generally confined to one room, it doesn’t even require any changes being made in the entire house.  


  1. Hospital Escape as a DIY Escape Room 


Another one of the many DIY escape room kits that can be enjoyed at home is the Hospital Room Escape. But unlike a haunted mansion or a prison, the hospital room is a familiar experience. Every individual has visited the hospital for some or the other reason. The fear of needles and the combined fear of the hospital room is engraved in everyone’s minds. So, utilizing this very real experience for an escape room can elevate the whole game beyond mere home entertainment. Suspense is not just created through the fear of the unknown. Sometimes, when people know what it’s like, it is even scarier. 


  1. DIY Being Caught by a Killer  

When thinking of escape room concepts for crafting a DIY escape room kits that can be enjoyed at home, the idea of captured by a serial killer is easy to come up with. Like the concepts mentioned above, it is easy to easy to implement, and household items can be utilized for making it real. But the reason this idea is so popular is because it holds the essence of an escape room. The whole premise behind escape rooms was derived from the scenario of getting captured and it is still a prevalent trope in popular media. It is this fear instilled by the media that helps elevate the suspense of an escape room experience using this concept. 


  1. Murder Mystery Night at Home 

DIY escape room kits that can be enjoyed at home need not be overly complicated. Simple concepts are the best for creating the best escape room experience at home. A Murder Mystery is perfect for this, like the haunted mansion. The idea behind this concept is to focus on solving the mystery to escape the room. The narrative constructed for this room is crucial to the experience. This concept once again deals with household items so is easy to implement. It is also engaging for everyone. After all, who doesn’t want to have a go at playing Sherlock Holmes? 


After all this deliberation, introducing DIY escape room kits that can be enjoyed at home no longer seems like a pipe dream. There are many such concepts out there, but the ones mentioned here are the cheapest and the easiest to utilize. It is important to note that while the goal is to create the ultimate home entertainment via escape games, the crafting process must be fun too. The entire process of an escape room must be exciting to participate in, including the planning, creation and application.  





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