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Price is the first criterion that makes a buyer choose used tires. They have a wear rate generally between 20 and 50%, hence the fact that they are offered at lower prices than new tires.
The arrival on the market of “Budget” tires makes it possible to offer new products at very attractive prices. Opting for part worn tyres wholesale is therefore no longer a guarantee of a good deal and profitability.


There are no standards or legislation on the sale of used tires. No organization is responsible for checking the condition of the tire and knowing whether it is reusable and without risk to the consumer.

  • It is impossible to know what use was made of it. The wear of a tire is not only visible on the tread, internal damage will not be visible, nor will the fact that the tire has suffered damage following prolonged exposure to the sun or cold. In short, we do not know his past.
  • A used tire will need to be replaced more quickly than a new tire. Of course, you pay less for it now but you will have to replace it more regularly. The final cost of the operation will most certainly not be that profitable.
  • When tires are replaced, it is to regain the initial driving safety which has been impaired by wear and degradation of the tire over time. Not all used tires are created equal and it is impossible to know in advance whether the tire chosen will ensure your complete safety.



  • Age  : Each tire has a  DOT  (Department of Transportation) written on the sidewall which allows you to determine the age of the tire (week and year of manufacture). A tire retains all of these performances as long as it is not mounted on a vehicle and is kept in optimal storage conditions (packaged, in a warehouse protected from light and temperature variations). A poorly preserved tire, exposed to various climatic conditions, having suffered impacts invisible to the naked eye, can lose its effectiveness.
  • The level of wear  of the tread: The minimum height is indicated by the wear indicator, it is 1.6 mm. If you buy winter tires the depth of the grooves should not be less than 4 mm. It is therefore very important to check this point. It is also strongly recommended to take the measurement on 3 different locations (inner edge, middle and outer edge) in order to detect irregular wear which could lead to premature changing of your tires. Please note that the minimum authorized height should not spare your vigilance.
  • The condition of the tread  : part worn tyres near me birmingham sellers can tell you that the tire has been used for a very short time, however, you should keep in mind that all users have different driving habits: somewhat sporty driving or brutal will generate behaviors such as vibrations or even noise which will be elements of which you will only realize after assembly.



Retreading gives tires a second life. It has long suffered from a bad image: less durable, less effective and less safe. However, retreading is widely popular in the heavy goods, agricultural and industrial sectors.
Brands like Blackstar, 100% French, specialize in the reconditioning of tires with a very complete range for mixed 4X4s and crossings and are recognized for their robustness and their lifespan.


Are you looking for low cost tires? offers you a wide choice of tires at very attractive prices, new and guaranteeing performance in terms of safety, comfort and longevity.
It is better to buy cheap new tires rather than being tempted by second-hand tires which will never guarantee 100% of their effectiveness.
Don’t take any more risks and choose safety by choosing new tires at low prices.


This technique consists of replacing a worn tread while retaining the original carcass.
First of all, the tire is stripped of its tread. We come to brush and clean the damaged or irregular parts of the carcass. The parts that have been brushed are replaced with new materials. Retreading consists of applying new rubber to the carcass:

  • either the tread is placed directly sculpted, the wholesale part worn tyres and baked to adhere perfectly to the carcass.
  • Either the tire is cooked directly in a mold in order to sculpt the tread during cooking.

Retreading accounts for around 12% of passenger tire sales compared to 85% for heavy goods vehicles.


They mainly come from the prejudices of users who give it a bad image: some say that they are noisier, others indicate that the braking is less efficient. But these ideas are false. The used tyres and marketing of retreaded tires has been regulated by legislation since 2008 and complies with the same measures as 100% new tires.


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