The Hidden Powers of Opal Stone and Hessonite Stone
The Hidden Powers of Opal Stone and Hessonite Stone

The Hidden Powers of Opal Stone and Hessonite Stone

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You may not be aware of the invisible forces concealed in gemstones. Beautiful and bright stones such as opal and Hessonite Stone revered a very long time ago for the fact that they possess certain mystical powers that can change your life in great ways. Opal stone is said to enhance feelings and stimulate creativity.

The first opal stone with a fiery opalescent luster is believed to stimulate the crown chakra, the energy point related to consciousness and awareness of the divine. Find these enigmatic gemstones and explore their concealed powers yourself.

Opal Stone (Opal Ratna)

Opal stone is a highly mystical and healing stone. Vedic astrology holds that the opal ratna symbolizes the planet Venus, which rules relationships, beauty, and finances. Wearing opal jewelry or stones can help increase the positive effects of Venus on one’s life.

  • Enhances Beauty and Relationships

Original Opal Stone is perceived to enhance charm, beauty, and elegance. In turn, they are thought to support relationships, particularly in romantic couples, as they encourage loyalty, compassion, and balance between partners. The opal Ratna may draw on new relationships due to increased self-confidence and attractive charisma.

  • Improves Creativity and Intuition

Natural opal stone is associated with enhanced creativity, imagination, and intuition. It is called the stone of inspiration because it stimulates new ideas and awakens latent talents or long-for-forgotten passions. Opal Ratna is believed to enhance spiritual awakening and connection to higher guidance. Working with opal gemstones during meditation may bring insights or visions that can illuminate how to resolve problems.

  • Brings Good Fortune

Opal stones are considered good lucky charms in many cultures because they attract good fortune and new opportunities. They are said to attract wealth and success. The original opal ratna can open one’s eyes to new sources of income or unlock the doors to gifts, prizes, or financial rewards. However, opals are also fragile stones, so their luck-bringing powers may disappear if they are damaged. Handling opal gemstones with care is advised; inspect them frequently for wear or cracks.

Opal stone has mystical and healing energies that have the most potent effect when worn close to the heart. One can simply carry an opal gemstone in his pocket or put it on the altar at home to help energize whatever type of magical properties it may possess. With the help of the opal ratna, one can attain more beauty, love, creativity, and good fortune.

Hessonite Stone (Gomed Ratna)

The Gomedhikam stone, also called Gomedhikam or Gomed Ratna, is an orange-to-yellow pleochroic mineral of the calcium-aluminum silicate family; it belongs to the grossular subgroup of the garnet group. This orange-to-brownish-red colored stone is said to contain the powers of Rahu, the shadow planet in Vedic astrology. 

From a scientific perspective, opals are stunning gems created of hydrated silica. Their impressive play of colors occurs from the exchange of light with the inner system, rather than from any underlying magical energy. The placebo impact can be assertive, and feeling in the positive belongings of this stone can improve well-being or detailed conditions.

When worn as jewelry, this stone can help strengthen and balance the Rahu in your birth chart. This may lead to relief from ailments caused by a malefic Rahu and bestow good health, fortune, and longevity. Rahu stone is thought to protect the wearer from the ill effects of Rahu periods and sub-periods in one’s life.

This hessonite stone may enhance mental abilities, analytical skills, and concentration. It can help combat confusion, restlessness, and addictions, which are governed by Rahu. This stone is also believed to ward off the evil eye and psychic attacks, providing a protective shield around the wearer.

It is said that for a hessonite stone to work well, it should be set in gold or panchayats and worn on the middle finger of the right hand. The stone should not be less than two to three carats in weight. When wearing it for the first time, it should first be energized with proper “Prana Pratishtha.”. So to continue enjoying the benefits of it, the stone needs to be re-energized from time to time.

When worn correctly, the ‘Gomed stone’ or ‘Gomedak’ is believed to bring the wearer courage, confidence, ambition, and the ability to calm the mind. However, like any gemstone, the effects can differ from person to person depending on their different dispositions and birth charts. It would be great if you would ask an expert astrologer whether this Gomedhikam stone is appropriate and whether you will benefit from it due to your specific horoscope.


As you can see, opal and hessonite stones are not only attractive gemstones but are also believed to have certain healing and metaphysical properties. If you like the fiery flashes of color that are visible on opal or the warm, earthy glow of hessonite garnet, either of these stones can help to increase your creativity, vitality, and expansive connection with spiritual realms when you bring it into your life.

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