Why Should You Lease Heavy Construction Equipment
Why Should You Lease Heavy Construction Equipment

Why Should You Lease Heavy Construction Equipment?

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Employees working for you in a construction company will require the appropriate tools to do their jobs. It’s only sometimes wise to spend a lot of money on either a brand-new JCB Backhoe Loader or any other used equipment, though. So, how can you find the appropriate tools for the job? Leasing equipment is the solution.

A profitable solution to buying construction equipment directly is to lease it.

What Perks & rewards come with leasing heavy machinery?

The goal of leasing building machines is to increase profitability and productivity. You can cut expenses while opening credit lines because you merely pay for the equipment’s use rather than being owned. Another advantage is that you are always dealing with cutting-edge technology.

Industries That Actively Using Heavy-Duty Machines

  • A multitude of businesses, including forestry, mining, building, agriculture, and the landscaping industry, benefit from the leasing of construction machines. 
  • Building companies use heavy equipment like cranes, loaders, and bulldozers to move and lift large materials and items that require specific devices. 
  • Mining companies employ heavy equipment, including trucks, shovels, loaders, and excavators, to extract minerals from the earth.
  • Forestry companies use heavy equipment like forwarders, skidders, and feller bunchers to harvest trees.

Advantages of Leasing Heavy Equipment

For companies or industries, leasing heavy equipment provides a number of benefits over owning or taking out a loan.


It is more economical to lease equipment rather than purchase it or take out a loan. Specialized equipment might be extremely expensive, and dedicating funds to a purchase can have a big effect on the financial situation. However, leasing enables businesses to acquire more modern equipment without having to pay for it. Furthermore, leasing can free up capital—money that companies can utilize for other aspects of their operations, like hiring or marketing.

Easy Approval Process

Heavy equipment finance approval processes are typically quicker than those for conventional bank loans. Companies won’t have to provide information about their creditworthiness to the government or spend weeks compiling comprehensive financial statements. Application approval times for equipment leasing firms are frequently as short as 24 to 48 hours.

Customized Lease Terms & Conditions

Leasing organizations can customize a lease arrangement to meet your demands after assessing your business requirements. You can select different lease terms and payment options based on your needs.

Availability of Additional Equipment

Businesses have access to more equipment through leasing than they could by buying it all at once. Additionally, leasing lessens the chance of having outdated equipment—something that can happen swiftly as technology develops.

Tax Benefits

Tax savings are one of the biggest benefits of leasing heavy machinery. One can only deduct depreciation when purchasing equipment like a JCB Excavator for a business. But, if your company leases large equipment, the whole lease payment can be written off. For small and medium-sized enterprises that need to lower their tax burden, this can be a big benefit.

Easy to Upgrade

The advantage of leasing is that it lets your company deal with the challenge of technology obsolescence. Suppose you utilize your lease to purchase assets such as technologically advanced equipment or other expensive gear and software that could become obsolete quickly. In that case, the lessor will bear the cost of obsolescence. Remember that once the lease is up, you may always rent the newest, more advanced gear. This guarantees that you remain current with emerging technologies.

Balance Sheet Benefits

It is frequently possible to eliminate leased assets and associated debt from the financial statement sheet when leasing equipment. Your business’s debt-to-equity ratio or earnings-to-fixed-assets ratio can both be improved by implementing these measures. But keep in mind that balance sheets must include equipment leases under certain kinds of agreements according to accounting standards and regulations. You should also consult an accountant about the applicable laws and regulations in your area.

Final Thoughts

Leasing heavy machinery is a fantastic approach to reducing equipment costs for your construction company. Before deciding if leasing is the right choice, take a look at your upcoming projects, evaluate your equipment requirements and consider how it fits into your plans.

One thing is clear: as the construction industry expands, there will always be a demand for construction equipment, whether you decide to purchase or lease it.

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