Benefits of Using Supported GPS Trackers for Equipment and Asset Tracking

Benefits of Using Supported GPS Trackers for Equipment and Asset Tracking

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GPS trackers have come a long way, branching out their efficiency not only to monitor businesses but also to manage their equipment and assets. It is particularly widespread in sectors like construction, logistics, and heavy industry. These tracking devices offer far more features than just location tracking of assets.

In this blog, learn that no matter what kind of business you run, if you have vehicles or heavy equipment, using GPS tracking devices can provide invaluable oversight and security.

Know More About Supported GPS Trackers

A GPS tracker for equipment and asset tracking is a device that helps you track your assets, vehicles, consignments, etc. You also get alerts if the truck deviates from the assigned route, the ignition is turned off/on, violates the parking mode or any other event occurs. A GPS tracker can also help you save money and time by keeping track of how your equipment is used and maintained.

A GPS tracker is part of an asset-tracking system that has three main parts:

  • Asset tags: These are small stickers or labels that you put on your items. They have a unique code or barcode that identifies them.
  • GPS tracker: This is a device that you attach to your items or vehicles. It uses GPS satellites to find its location and send it to a central server.
  • Asset tracking system: This is a software or app that you use to see and manage your items. It shows you where they are, how they are used, and when they need service.

Why Do Your Equipment and Assets Require Supported GPS Trackers? 

A supported GPS tracker is a piece of GPS tracking hardware that your software supports. So, why do you need this device? Well, let’s find out.

  1. Improved Safety: GPS trackers allow us to watch our vehicles in real-time. Features like parking mode, immobilisation (LOCK/UNLOCK), SOS button and route deviation alerts ensure the safety of your vehicles, drivers as well as assets they carry. Video telematics software is like an advanced safety system offered by advanced fleet management software like TrackoBit.
  2. Prevention of Unauthorised Use: GPS technology also plays a crucial role in preventing the misuse of vehicles. For instance, in the shipping industry, if a container is moved without permission, the GPS tracker will alert you, thus you can prevent theft or misuse of your assets.
  3. Promoting Responsible Driving Habits: This tracking system not only helps in monitoring the movement of vehicles but also how they are being driven. Let’s say you run a taxi service. You can use GPS technology to keep an eye on your drivers. If a driver is speeding or driving recklessly, you can identify it in real time and act quickly, thus promoting safer driving habits.
  4. Efficiency and Time-Saving: Picture a construction site with numerous heavy machines operating at once. With GPS tracking, the site manager can track each machine’s activity and location in real-time. It saves time spent on manually checking each machine and boosts overall efficiency.
  5. Cost Saving: GPS technology can also help companies save money. For example, by using this technology, a logistics company can find the most efficient route for their vehicles, which would save on fuel costs. It could also help in preventive maintenance by tracking vehicle usage and scheduling regular checks, thus reducing repair costs. 
  6. Maintenance Reminders: Most GPS trackers now offer maintenance alerts based on mileage, engine hours, or time intervals. Proactively addressing these maintenance needs ensures a reduction in expensive repairs and vehicle downtime. For instance, TrackoBit uses a GPS tracking system that sends automated alerts when fleet vehicles require maintenance, enabling timely and preventive servicing

Construction GPS Tracking Devices for Enhancing Performance and Fuel Efficiency

GPS tracking systems can help cut down on fuel use and improve fleet management efficiency. But how? 

  1. Wireless Asset Trackers: These are devices that are used to monitor and track the location of valuable assets within and outside a company’s facilities. They use GPS technology or other radio frequency identification (RFID) to keep track of the equipment. For example, in the construction industry, these trackers can be used to monitor expensive machinery’s location and condition. If a piece of machinery is moved without authorization, an alert can be sent to management, increasing security and reducing loss.
  2. Electronic Locks (elocks): Electronic locks are used to provide added security to assets, especially in storage areas where valuable equipment or materials are stored. With elocks, access can be easily controlled and monitored, eventually reducing the risk of theft. With that being said,  they can also be used to secure tool chests or storage facilities containing building materials on a construction site.
  3. Dashcams for Video Telematics: Dashcams help in recording and analyzing the driving behavior of drivers carrying expensive consignments. They can capture video footage of incidents, improve operational efficiency, and maintain a record of deliveries or activities. 
  4. Fuel Monitoring Sensors: These sensors are used to track the fuel consumption of heavy equipment. They help in identifying machinery that is consuming excess fuel or if there is any fuel leakage. This way, the data provided can be used to improve fuel efficiency, cut costs, and prevent any environmental harm.
  5. Load Sensors: Load sensors are used to identify the weight load on machines such as cranes, forklifts, or trucks in real time. This process is important in construction to prevent overloading and potential damage to equipment or hazardous situations. 

Your Equipment and Assets Tracking with TrackoBit 

TrackoBit offers GPS trackers for your construction equipment. See how they work by booking a demo now. Our GPS trackers help you manage your equipment better. GPS tracker for equipment and asset tracking software is a device that helps you track your assets, vehicles, consignments, etc. You can save money, work faster, and be safer with TrackoBit.

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