Guava Farming in India: Cultivating Sweet Success in Your Orchard
Guava Farming in India: Cultivating Sweet Success in Your Orchard

Guava Farming in India: Cultivating Sweet Success in Your Orchard

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With its rich and sweet aroma, guava has occupied a special place in the heart of Indians. Many Indian farmers want to grow guava in their orchards. If you are also the one who is planning to grow guavas, this blog is for you. It will provide all the important information related to choosing the right guava variety to land preparation to caring for guava plants and much more. Following which you can grow a good yield of guava and earn a productive livelihood. 

Choosing the right guava varieties

Before jumping into guava farming, it is important to choose the right variety depending on climate conditions, soil types and other factors. This is because there are many varieties of Guava available in the market. They have their unique taste, size and colour. Here, we are showcasing some of the most popular Guava varieties in India, which are as follows:

  • Allahabad Safeda: It is highly popular for its sweet taste, size and pale yellow skin. 
  • Lucknow 49: This is a high yielding guava variety that produces medium to large flavourful fruits. 
  • L-49: This guava variety is known for its round fruit with thick skin. 
  • Lalit: Lalit produces medium-sized fruits with yellow skin. It is known for its fruits with sweet and tangy taste.

Ideal weather conditions for guava farming:

The tropical and subtropical climates are considered best for guava farming. Therefore, it can easily be grown in any part of India. Besides, the ideal temperature for guava cultivation is between 25°C and 30°C. It can even grow in high temperatures yet can’t tolerate frost. Therefore, planting them in extreme cold conditions should be avoided.

Soil preparation for guava planting:

Guava trees can be grown in any soil. However, a well-drained sandy soil with a pH ranging from slightly acidic to neutral is considered best for guava cultivation. For soil preparation, farmers can use Digitrac Tractor for the ploughing of the field. You can prepare the soil for guava planting following the ways given below.

  • Loosen the soil: The first step is loosening the soil. For which, you can use a plow or hoe to dig it to the depth of about 2 feet. 
  • Organic matter: After that, add field manure or well-rotted compost to the soil to improve fertility.
  • Drainage: the drainage facility should be proper with the guava cultivation as the guava trees do not like moisture.

Planting of Guava trees:

Once the soil preparation is done, you should step forward for the guava plantation. Follow the given tips for a successful plantation of Guava:

  • Tree Holes: You can start with digging holes for the trees. These holes should be twice as wide and deep as the plant’s root ball. 
  • Expansion: This should be in your mind that Guava trees require a good space for spreading their branches. Therefore, try to keep spacing of 12 to 15 feet between two trees. 
  • Deep planting: While planting guava seedlings in the orchard, plant them at the same depth as they were planted in the nursery bag. Thereafter, don’t forget to water them immediately.

Caring for your guava garden:

However, guava trees require low maintenance yet providing good care helps you get a good harvest. 

  • Water: Watering guava plants should be on a regular basis, specially during the dry season. Also, you should be aware of the leakage as it can harm the plant. So make sure that the orchard gets drained well.
  • Fertilizer: While caring for your guava garden, you should prefer to use fertilizers in a balanced manner. Provide nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium in divided doses during the growing season. To bring fertilizers to the field, one can use a Mahindra Yuvo tractor attached with a trolley. 
  • Prune: Pruning your guava trees is crucial for their growth. Therefore, prepare a vertical canopy that will help provide sunlight to all parts of the trees. 
  • Weed Removal: Weeds consume nutrients and water provided for the guava trees. And this affects the growth of the trees so try to keep the area around your guava trees weed free. 
  • Pest and Disease Control: Guava trees are prone to get pests like fruit flies and guava psyllids. So, to control them you can use neem oil or insecticidal soap. In addition, regular monitoring of the crop can help you find pests and diseases in the crop to take preventive measures in early stages. 

Harvest guava:

Harvesting is the last yet most exciting step of guava cultivation. A guava tree takes around 2 to 4 years to bear fruit after its plantation. Given below steps can tell you that your crop is ready to harvest: 

  • Size and Color: Guavas change color as they ripen. Depending on the variety, when ripe, they can turn green, yellow or red. In addition, the fruit should be firm and firm.
  • Fragrance: Ripe guava gives a sweet, fragrant aroma. Dry the fruit to ripen.
  • Slightly softened: Gently press the guava with your fingers. It must bear some fruit, indicating that it is ready to be harvested.

Once the harvesting is done, farmers can bring the commercially produced Guava fruit to the market using a Force Tractor.


This is all about guava farming in India. If you are also interested in guava farming as your next crop. This guide will help you cultivate a good guava crop. With the right variety, right climate, proper soil preparation and care, you can grow guava trees that produce delicious fruits. So, plant your guava trees, maintain your orchard and harvest juicy, sweet fruits that promise good income. 

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