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Know All About PMay Subsidy Calculator in 60 Seconds

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Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (PMAY) was Introduced in June 2015 and aims to support the idea of ‘housing for all’. It was brought to action by the Narendra Modi government, this scheme proposes to build 2 crore houses by 2024 to provide homes for people living in both cities and villages across India. The policy is meant to encourage budget-friendly housing for those belonging to economically weaker sections of society and low-income groups.

PMAY is a scheme that has been designed to make homes affordable. This initiative aims at developing India’s housing sector in different ways, such that the total population can benefit from subsidized home loan interest rates. This scheme encourages using environmental-friendly materials for building houses. It has two major sections: Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (Urban) (PMAY-U) and Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (Gramin) (PMAY-G and PMAY-R). PMAY-U applies to the urban population, while PMAY-G and PMAY-R are for the rural population.

PMAY subsidy calculator

PMAY calculator plays an important role in figuring out the extent of financial assistance one can receive. A pmay subsidy calculator is an online tool that helps you calculate the exact subsidy amount you can get under the CLSS PMAY plan based on the income class.

It also allows you to calculate the accurate EMI you will be paying for the loan. You must enter essential details like your household income per year, the loan tenure, the amount of the loan, and the interest rate. The tool will automatically do the calculation and reflect the results.

Almost all the Creditors in India have a PMAY eligibility calculator on their website. It helps future home loan applicants to know about the subsidy amount they are eligible to receive and make a smart borrowing decision.

Moreover, offering the PMAY calculator enables lenders to showcase transparency in the home loan subsidy proceedings and foster trust among potential applicants.

How to use a Subsidy Calculator

A subsidy calculator is very simple to use. You need to enter basic details, and the calculator will give you the results.

The details that you need to enter are:

  • Annual Income
  • Amount of Home loan
  • Rate of interest
  • The Loan Tenure

Here are the important factors that can impact your PMAY subsidy:

1- Annual Income of the Household- The annual household income must be up to the range mentioned in the respective scheme

2- The Amount of Loan- The loan amount influences the subsidy amount. Therefore, as the loan amount gets higher, the subsidy amount can also rise and vice versa.

3- The tenure of the loan- A long-term loan tenure might help in getting a higher interest subsidy. but, the subsidy advantage is limited to a loan tenure of 20 years.

Collateral loan for homeownership

If you’re not eligible for the PMAY subsidy because you have a good income, however, you still need money to buy a property, a loan can surely help. A loan is backed by something valuable you own, like a property or a fixed deposit. It’s a way to get extra financial help when you’re buying a home.

Collateral loans come with many advantages:

1- Loans have lower interest rates: Lenders typically see Collateral loan as less risky than other loans. For this reason, lenders are generally more willing to charge a lower rate of interest on loans.

2- Loans may allow you to borrow more funds: Since you secure a loan with an asset, you give lenders a way to recoup their money if you fail to repay the loan. Because of this, lenders may be more willing to grant you a loan for a bigger amount. It depends on the value of your collateral.

3- Loans can be easier to avail even if your credit isn’t perfect: Credit history may be less of an issue with loans than it typically is with unsecured loans — because putting up your asset to secure the loan can lower the risk of the lender. If you don’t have good credit, or if you have a restricted credit history, a loan could give you more lending options.


So, When you’re trying to buy a house, helpful instruments like the PMAY subsidy calculator and loans can make it a lot easier. The PMAY subsidy is like a boost that minimizes the cost of your home loan, making it more cost-effective. At the same time, loans are another good option that gives you flexibility to cover any remaining financial assistance you need, making it easier for you to make your dream of owning a home come true. By using both PMAY subsidy and loans smartly and efficiently, people who want to buy a home can make the real estate process easier. The combination of these two resources not only makes housing more Cost-effective but also helps individuals to make smart financial choices as they work towards owning a home.

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